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About Us

Colorectal Anaesthesia Group UK (CAG-UK) is a group of anaesthetists interested in improving perioperative care of colorectal and other high risk surgical patients. We are also interested in promoting multidisciplinary principles of evidence based perioperative practices such as enhanced recovery.


Colorectal surgical patients are high risk surgical patients. Mortality and morbidity following colorectal surgery is amongst the highest of  all surgical patients. CAG UK brings together anaesthetists with common goals and experience to improve perioperative care for patients undergoing elective and emergency major colorectal surgery.


  • Advancing the science and practice of colorectal anaesthesia through education, research and training of anaesthetists and allied professionals.
  • Promoting best clinical practice in anaesthesia for colorectal surgical patients undergoing open and laparoscopic elective and emergency surgery
  • Providing and disseminating scientific evidence and advances in the field of colorectal anaesthesia to members and when necessary to the public.
  • Promoting study and research in colorectal anaesthesia and for high risk surgical patients. To promote quality improvement and safer perioperative and critical care practices for these group of patients. We aim to achieve these goals by organizing scientific meetings and publications in the medical literature.